Decision to amend a receipt for the provision of electronic communications services to the public.

Conditions to be met:

  • Change in the distribution of share capital or in the management of the company;
  • Need to comply with new requirements linked to changes in national or international regulations;
  • The need to safeguard public order, national defence or public security; 
  • Not having been subject to one of the sanctions provided for by the law governing electronic communications.

Composition of the application:

  • Documents to be supplied

Technical and financial file in five (05) copies comprising:

– An application form supplied by the Agency, duly completed and stamped at the current rate in force;

– A location plan certified by the relevant tax authorities;

– A receipt of payment of the application study fees issued by the ART;

– The name or company name and full address of the applicant;

– A certified copy of the company’s articles of association;

– A certified copy of the receipt for registration with the Registre du Commerce et du Crédit Mobilier;

– A certified copy of the taxpayer’s card;

– Proof of the origin of the funds intended for the planned financing, specifying the identity of the main lenders;

– The purpose and general characteristics of the service;

– The arrangements for opening the service;

– The nature of the services to be provided;

– The nature and technical characteristics of the equipment;

– The provisional timetable for implementation, specifying in particular the capacity and the coverage area year by year etc.

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