Heads of establishments must set up appropriate equipment so that
any fire outbreak can be quickly detected and effectively fought.
For this purpose it is necessary:
(a) To set up an automatic warning system, or failing that, to organize a
patrol service;
(b) To have water under pressure and a sufficient number of water
outlets and hydrants with suitable hoses, or even an automatic water
spraying system;
(c) A sufficient number of fire extinguishers properly distributed and
using a product appropriate to the types of fires likely to occur in each
These fire extinguishers must be maintained in good working order at
all times and be tested and verified periodically by an appropriate
person or organization.
The name and position of the person or body, the date of the tests and
verifications and the observations to which they have given rise shall be
entered on a control sheet:
(d) To have containers with sand, buckets, shovels, and fireproof cloths;
(e) To have fire blankets or other appropriate equipment for the use of
the exposed persons.
Heads of establishments must ensure that the workers in their service
are instructed on the measures to be taken for the evacuation of the

establishment and adequately trained in the use of fire-fighting
Workers designated for this purpose must undergo periodic training at
At least every 6 months.
In establishments where more than fifty persons are normally
employed or assembled, as well as in establishments of any size where
flammable materials belonging to group I are handled or used, a poster
containing the instructions to be observed in the event of fire must be
prominently displayed in each workroom.
This poster shall indicate in particular:
(a) The extinguishing and rescue equipment in or around a room and
the personnel responsible for putting this equipment into operation;
(b) The persons responsible for directing the evacuation of personnel
and, if applicable, the public from each room;
(c) The persons responsible for notifying the fire department as soon as
the fire begins;
(d) In very large print, the address and telephone number of the fire
(e) The said sign shall remind any person who sees the beginning of a
fire to sound the alarm.

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