According to COBAC regulation R-2008/01 requiring credit institutions to prepare a business continuity plan in Cameroon, Credit institutions ensure the management of change, the deployment of the business continuity plan and its maintenance in operational conditions.

The transfer and appropriation of information, knowledge and skills related to business continuity management is achieved through awareness, training and communication activities.

To design the program and the awareness, training and communication materials and vectors, the credit institutions define:

– The scope, objectives and challenges;

– The means necessary to achieve the objectives;

– The targets and terms of the program, including frequency, media, formats and duration.

They design and implement an internal and external communication plan.

Credit institutions shall ensure that their business continuity plan remains operational despite internal changes and, to a lesser extent, changes in their environment. To this end, they define the conditions and carry out the operations of updating and maintaining the plan in operational condition.

In order to identify inconsistencies and shortcomings in the system, and to supplement, improve and refine existing procedures, credit institutions must ensure that those involved in business continuity are trained, familiar with their roles and responsibilities in the business continuity plan, and capable of implementing it quickly and effectively.

Credit institutions shall define the business continuity plan test strategy, taking into account its plan, taking into account its scope, its actors, its nature and scheduling, and its various scenarios and assumptions.

The results of the tests are analyzed and corrective and improvement actions are proposed and implemented.

The credit institutions validate the business continuity management practices that comply with the requirements defined and the needs expressed. They identify any deviations from the standards in force, propose improvements to business continuity management and draw up an annual business continuity plan audit program.

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