The development of national petroleum resources must help to assess local content.

The local content referred to in Section 86 of the petroleum code shall comprise a human resources development component and a component pertaining to the use of local services and goods supply companies.

The local content adopted in petroleum contracts shall include:

  • A vocational and technical training programme for Cameroonians in order to scale up their skills in the petroleum trades;
  • Any other aspect likely to enhance local content.

Petroleum contract holders shall, in case of equal competence and, as a matter of priority, to recruit qualified Cameroonians in all socio-professional categories and at all positions for the conduct of their petroleum operations.

Petroleum contract holders and their sub-contractors shall be bound, as a matter of priority, to award construction, insurance, goods and services, materials, equipment and products supply contracts directly or indirectly related to petroleum operations to companies under Cameroonian law that have their registered offices in Cameroon and meet internationally recognized standards.

The Minister in charge of hydrocarbons and/or any duly mandated government body or establishment shall ensure the implementation and monitoring of the above.

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