Shipowners and assistants, as hereinafter defined, may limit their liability in accordance with the rules of this Title in respect of claims in respect of the claims referred to in Article 107 of the code.

The term “shipowner” refers to the owner, charterer, the shipowner and the ship manager of a seagoing vessel.

The term “assistant” refers to any person providing services directly related to assistance or rescue operations.

Any person referred to in the above paragraph may, even towards the State and under the conditions hereinafter set forth, limit his liability to the contracting contractors or third parties if the damage occurred on board the ship or if they are directly connected with the navigation or use of the ship.

It may, under the same conditions, limit its liability for measures taken to measures taken to prevent or reduce the damage referred to in the preceding paragraph above or for damage caused by such measures.

He shall not be entitled to limit his liability if it is proved that the damage resulted from his personal act or omission, committed with the intention of with intent to cause such damage, or recklessly with knowledge that such damage that such damage would probably result.

The owner of a ship may not invoke the limitation of his liability against the claims of the State or any other legal person governed by public law which in place of the owner, salvaged, removed, destroyed or rendered harmless a sunken a sunken, wrecked, stranded or abandoned vessel, including anything found or on board.

Limitation of liability is not enforceable:

a) claims for assistance, environmental protection, salvage or contribution to general average;

b) seafarers’ claims arising from the employment contract;

c) claims of any other person employed on board under a contract of employment.

The limits of the shipowner’s liability resulting from the application of the application of the provisions of this Title shall be those established by the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims signed at London signed at London on 19 November 1976, as amended in 1996.

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