All work areas and their dependencies, including passageways and
stairways must be sufficiently lit to ensure the safety of work and the
circulation of people.
The level of lighting of the workstations must be adapted to the nature
of the activities which are performed.
The minimum lighting levels are shown in the annex to this order.
The lighting must as far as possible come from natural light by means of
openings whose total surface area will be at least equal to 1/16th of the
When natural lighting is insufficient, artificial lighting shall be provided.
The lighting should be as diffused as possible and evenly distributed in
the workplace, so as to avoid any discomfort to workers through glare,
intense reflections, shadows and excessive contrasts.
For the same reasons, the sources of lighting must be kept out of the
sight of the workers.
Windows, skylights or roof lights shall be arranged so as not to allow
sunlight to penetrate directly into the work area. Sunlight directly onto
the workplaces; where necessary, they shall be equipped with devices
intended to avoid excessive sunlight, such as blinds, shutters, curtains.

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