This is in line with COBAC Regulation R-2018/06 determining the composition of the banking and non-banking compartments of the assets of credit and Microfinance institutions in liquidation. 

On the liabilities side, the non-banking compartment comprises:

a) In respect of collection operations, unsettled entries relating to the following main accounts of the chart of accounts for credit institutions and the chart of accounts for microfinance institutions:

10 “Capital and endowments” or “Capital, shares and endowments”;
11 “Additional paid-in capital” or 104 “Additional paid-in capital and shares”;
12 or 11 “Reserves” ;
13 or 12 “Retained earnings”;
14 “Special provisions and regulated reserves”;
15 “Investment grants”;
16 “Financing and guarantee funds”;
17 “Bond issues”;
18 “Other permanent resources” excluding those referred to in article 4;
19 “Provisions for liabilities and charges”, excluding those referred to in article 4 of this regulation;
40 “Suppliers” in credit;
42 “Personnel” in credit;
43 “Government and international organizations” or “Government and international organizations” in credit;
44 “Shareholders” or “Companies and shareholders” in credit;
46 “Other debtors and creditors” in credit;
47 “Accruals and deferred income” in credit.

The banking segment includes off-balance-sheet forward foreign exchange gold, precious metal and coin forward transactions, the issue of guarantees in favour of other credit institutions, involving all the main accounts of class 9 of the chart of accounts for credit institutions
and the chart of accounts for microfinance institutions recording signature commitments, namely:

– 90 “Commitments given on the orders of correspondents” or “Commitments given to local correspondents” ;
– 91 “Commitments received from correspondents” or “Commitments received from local correspondents”;
– 92 “Commitments given on behalf of customers” or “Commitments in favor of customers”;
– 93 “Commitments received from customers”;
– 94 “Leasing and similar commitments”;
– 95 “Securities transactions and securities pledged as collateral for Money market transactions”;
– 96 “Commitments received from the State and public bodies”;

The non-banking compartment does not include any off-balance sheet items.
As part of the liquidation of a reporting institution, the Banking Commission may decide to classify or reclassify one or more of the institution’s assets in liquidation into one or other of the banking or non-banking compartments.

– 97 “Foreign currency transactions”;
– 98 “Doubtful signature commitments”.

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