State layouts shall be created on the initiative of the Minister in Charge of State Property, Surveys, and Land Tenure in Cameroon on the recommendation where applicable of the Senior Prefect having territorial jurisdiction.

On receiving the order to create the layout, the survey shall prepare, in conjunction with the Town Planning and the Highways Services, a draft layout plan in 4 copies, drawn up on the basis of a topographical survey the scale of 1/500 of 1/1000 and comprising of;

  • The altimetry either by contour lines drawn at 1m vertical intervals for lands or large areas or land whose relief is hilly or contour levels for lands of small areas or relatively flat land,
  • The planimetry indicates inter alia the existing roads and buildings as well as any slight changes of level in the position of tall trees, the electric lines,
  • The plots to be created each plot being numbered and its area and shape indicated.
  • The highways indicating the alignment of the existing highways to be preserved or widened or those whose construction is being envisaged, indicating their width.
  • The open spaces, parking areas, and sports grounds,
  • Any connection to railway lines or waterways in the case of layout for industrial purposes.

The draft layout plan must be appended;

  • A site plan to a scale of 1/5000 or 1/10000 extracted from the master town plan, if necessary clearly indicating the position of the land.
  • A work program indicating the specification of the various structures to be built and where necessary, the conditions for their execution in stages.
  • Clauses and conditions.
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