No person may be the technical director of a private medical analysis laboratory if he does not hold one of the following diplomas:
– certificate of special studies (C.E.S.) in applied immunology, C.E.S.
of haematology, C.E.S. of medical parasitology;
– C.E.S. of bacteriology and virology;
– C.E.S. of medical and technical biochemistry;
– C.E.S. of Bacteriology and Virology;
– C.E.S. of medical biochemistry, technical;
– C.E.S. of Bacteriology and Immunology of the Institut Pasteur of Paris;
– C.E.S. in general and analytical biochemistry;
– Medical Laboratory Officer (MLSO);
– Senior Medical Laboratory Officer (SMLO);
– Fellow of the Institute of Medical Laboratory Services;
– any other title or diploma recognized as equivalent.
Technical directors of private medical laboratories must exercise their functions personally and effectively. They may not work in more than one laboratory at a time.
The functions of a laboratory director are incompatible with the status of a civil servant, contractual agent of the administration, and employee in general.
No cumulation of the exercise of the profession of pharmacist or
activity in a medical practice is not possible,’ in the capital of a province, with the management of a medical analysis laboratory. A pharmacist who wishes to operate a medical laboratory must entrust the management of the laboratory to persons holding one of the diplomas provided for above.
Pharmacists or medical biologists who hold the diplomas referred to above may when they are established in localities where there is no
private medical analysis laboratory, be authorized to carry out basic biological analyses.
After the death of the Director of a single-user laboratory, his heirs or assigns may put the laboratory under management for a period which
five (5) years, renewable once.
The manager must meet the conditions imposed on the directors of medical analysis laboratories.
With the exception of scientific information to the medical, pharmaceutical, and paramedical professions, any advertising in favor of a medical analysis laboratory is prohibited.
However, information relating to the existence and location of the laboratory published at the time of opening or on a professional plaque affixed to the door or inside the premises of the laboratory shall not be deemed to constitute advertising.

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