The Minister in charge of sports implements the international sports policy of the government, in liaison with the Ministry in charge of external relations, after consultation with the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon, the Cameroon National Paralympic Committee and the national civil sports federations.

In this capacity, it issues an opinion on:

  • The candidature for elective office in international sports bodies by a member of a national sports federation.
  • The membership of national sports federations in international sports bodies.

In addition, it proposes

  • The conditions for hosting and establishing the headquarters of regional, continental, and/or international sports bodies on the national territory, in relation to the minister in charge of external relations.
  • The special measures that may be taken by the staff holding senior positions in the management structures of international and world sports bodies.

The state may provide logistical and human resource support to international and/or continental sports bodies whose headquarters are located on national territory.
Any sports event organized on the national territory by a foreign operator is subject to the prior agreement of the Minister in charge of sports after the opinion of the Minister in charge of foreign relations.
The Minister in charge of sports shall designate the national operator(s) to be the interlocutor of the foreign promoter.

The organization of international sports events taking place on national territory may, exceptionally, be entrusted to organizing committees.

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