In accordance with Law No. 80-22 of 14 July 1980 relating to repress infringements on landed property and state lands in Cameroon, any person who uses or occupies land without the prior authorization of the owner and state employees guilty of complicity in land transactions likely to facilitate the unlawful occupation of another person’s property, shall be charged with a fine of 50,000 francs to 200,000francs or with imprisonment of 2 months to 3 years or with both such fine and imprisonment.

In the case of individual infringement, the court with jurisdiction shall order the eviction forthwith of the occupant at his own expense. Further development work on the said land in the form of farms, buildings, or structures of any kind shall automatically belong to the owner, without any compensation being paid to the occupant.

If the owner of the estate requires that buildings, farms, or structures should be destroyed, the destruction shall be carried out at the expense of the occupant who shall not be paid any compensation and who may in addition be fined to pay damages for the prejudice if any suffered by the owner of the estate.

The penalties shall also apply to persons who in violation of the laws in force use or occupy the private property of the state, public property, or national land.

Legal action for infringements against the private property of the state or public property or national land shall be brought before the competent courts solely by the administration under the conditions laid down by decree.

Where the unlawful occupation concerns private property belonging to any other public corporate body, the Senior Divisional Officer shall at the request of the competent representative of the said corporate body, destroy the development works carried out on the land in question, in accordance with the procedure above.

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