Insurance policies shall in accordance with the CIMA Code contain the following information;

  • The names and residence of the contracting parties;
  • The object or the person insured;
  • The nature of the risks covered;
  • The effective date and duration;
  • The amount of the coverage;
  • The premium or contribution of the insurance;
  • The conditions of automatic renewal, if stipulated;
  • The cases and conditions of extension or termination of the contract or cessation of its effects;
  • The obligations of the insured, upon drawing a contract and, later, during the course of the contract, as regards the declaration of risk and the declaration of other policies covering of the same risks;
  • The conditions and terms of declaration in the event of a claim;
  • The time limit for payment of claims;
  • For other insurance apart from liability insurance, the procedures and principles relating to the assessment of damages in view of determining the amount of indemnity etc.
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