According to section 4 of law No. 2019/021 of 24 December 2019 to lay down some rules governing credit activities in the banking and Micro-Finance sectors in Cameroon, all natural persons applying for a loan shall be required to provide to the credit provider, information required to assess their repayment capacity.

Any natural person applying for a loan shall provide to the credit

institution details of his/her financial position, in particular:

  • Monthly payslip(s), where he/she is an employee, and that of the spouse where applicable;
  • Information relating to any other income from investments (rents or financial income);
  • Where applicable, copyright, royalties, alimony received, disability pensions;
  • Declaration of assets;
  • Monthly repayment instalments of current loans (mortgage, car loan, consumer credit, etc.);
  • Rent amount, including rental charges if a tenant;
  • Building maintenance expenses and property tax, if a house owner;
  • The amount of any support and other compensatory benefits payable;
  • Withholdings on wages and other deductions following a conviction;
  • The existence of revolving credits; etc.

The credit institution may request any other document likely to inform its decision.

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