The profession of the dental surgeon is practiced illegally by any person who practices dentistry in breach of the provisions of this Act, in particular;
– by working under a pseudonym;
– by giving consultations in commercial premises or outbuildings where
selling appliances that he prescribes or uses;
– offering assistance to any person not entitled to practice;
– practicing in spite of a temporary or permanent ban on practicing;
– practicing without a valid insurance policy.

Without prejudice to more severe administrative, disciplinary, or criminal sanctions, any person found guilty of unlawful practice of the profession of dental surgeon shall be liable to imprisonment of six (6) days to six (6) months and a fine of 200,000 F to 2,000,000 F or one of these two penalties only.

The court may, if necessary, order the confiscation of the equipment used in the commission of the offense and the closure of the practice.
Any person found guilty of an offense under this Act shall immediately cease his activity. In addition, the closure of his practice may be ordered by the Council of the Association, independently of any judicial decision.
The Council of the Association may refer the matter to the investigating court or the court where appropriate, to act as a civil party in any proceedings brought by the public prosecutor’s office against any person charged or accused of illegal practice of the profession of the dental surgeon.

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