Pharmacists or their employees are prohibited from soliciting orders from the public, receiving orders for drugs through brokers, and trafficking and distributing drugs at home for which they have received orders.

The sale to the public of all medicines, products, and accessories referred to in article 15 of the law through trading houses, buying groups, or establishments owned or operated by persons who do not hold a pharmacist’s diploma, except those provided for in article 37 of the law, is prohibited.
Any offense, display, or distribution of medicines is forbidden on the public highway, in fairs, and markets to any person, even if he/she holds a diploma of a pharmacist.
The prices of sale to the public of medicines and articles whose sale is reserved to pharmacists, pro pharmacists, and medicine depots, are fixed under the conditions provided by regulation.
Any infringement of the provisions of articles 51, 52, and 53 above exposes its author to the sanctions provided for in article 8 of the present law. The infringements of the provisions of article 54 of the law shall be punished by the provisions laid down by regulation.

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