Mineral substances contained in the soil and sub-soil of the territory of the Republic of Cameroon, its territorial waters and its continental shelf shall be the property of the state that shall exercise sovereign rights thereon.

Holders of a mining title or other license shall acquire ownership of the mineral substances extracted in accordance with the provisions of this law.

The perimeter of quarry rocks shall fall under the natural public domain and the state shall grant occupancy licenses to operators in accordance with land laws.

Depending on their legal regime, natural deposits of minerals substances shall be classified into mines and quarries.

Any mineral substance classified among quarries may be reclassified under mines by the minister in charge of mines.

Any mineral substance classified under mines may be reclassified under quarries by the minister in charge of mines.

All mineral substance deposits not classified among quarries, including geothermal deposits, spring water, mineral and thermos-mineral water shall also fall under the legal regime applicable to mining.

Mineral deposits located on the continental shelf and within the exclusive economic zone, irrespective of the substances they contain, shall, according to their legal regime, be considered under the category of mineral deposits subject to the mining regime.

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