If any investment in accordance with section 10 of the Married Women’s Property Act 1882 in any such deposit or annuity as aforesaid, or in any of the public stocks or funds, or in any other stocks or funds transferable as aforesaid, or in any share, stock, debenture, or debenture stock of any corporation, company, or public body, municipal, commercial, or otherwise, or in any share, debenture, benefit, right, or claim whatsoever in, to, or upon the funds of any industrial, provident, friendly, benefit, building, or loan society, shall have been made by a married woman by means of moneys of her husband, without his consent, the court may upon an application order that such investment and the dividends thereof, or any part thereof, to be transferred and paid respectively to the husband, and nothing in this Act contained shall give validity as against creditors of the husband to any gift, by a husband to his wife, of any property, which after such gift shall continue to be in the order and disposition or reputed ownership of the husband, or to any deposit or other investment of moneys of the husband made by or in the name of his wife in fraud of his creditors, but moneys so deposited or invested may be followed as if this Act had not passed.

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