Some labour relations in Cameroon demand certain particular requirements. This is the case of a probation, apprenticeship and professional training engagement. Though both kinds of engagements are similar to the ordinary contract of employment in the sense that a person works under the direction and authority of another person.

  1. PROBATION: The labour code of Cameroon of 1992 just like its predecessor of 1974 did not really define probation. Section 28(1) of the labour code of Cameroon 1992 only stated that there shall be probationary hiring where prior to the signing of a final contract, the employer and the worker agree to appraise in particular the worker’s quality of service and his output and the working climate as concerns the employer.

Because of the precarious and uncertain nature of the contract, the law is very strict and requires rigid formalities. Hence any such contract must be in writing as per section 28(2) of the labour code of 1992. Failure to establish this contract in writing will be treated as an ordinary contract of employment. The period for probationary hiring must not exceed 6 months.

  • APPRENTICESHIP: Section 45 of the labour code of 1992 defines such a contract as one where the head of an industrial, commercial or agricultural establishment or a craft man undertakes to give or cause to be given to another person complete and systematic training and whereby the latter undertakes in return to obey the instructions which he receives and to perform the tasks assigned to him for the purpose of his apprenticeship. Such a contract can be concluded if and only if the apprentice has attained the age of 14 years and the master has attained atleast 21 years. According to section 46 of the code, it is required that the contract be in writing. According to Decree No. 69/DF/287 of 20th July 1969 there may be little or no remuneration for the apprentice but the apprentice may even be asked to pay the master dues.
  • CONTRACT OF PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: The main goal of this type of contract is to give trainee who is a holder of a professional diploma or a higher education diploma a training appropriate to the company. The contract actually permit the trainee to blend the knowledge acquired in school to the practical realities of the company. This type of contract is also called internship which can last for 2 to 3 years.
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