No worker shall be admitted to employment without having undergone
a medical examination of fitness for employment.
However, the pre-employment medical examination is mandatory in
the case of:
a) Work involving a serious risk either because of the nature of the
products and agents handled or used, or because of the conditions in
which the work is carried out;
b) Women and children under 18 years of age;
c) Physically or mentally handicapped persons.
All workers must undergo periodic examinations by the
regulations in force.
Where the worker’s activity involves a severe risk, the worker must,
under the employer’s responsibility, undergo medical surveillance for
an appropriate period after leaving the job.
Workers are called upon to engage in activities requiring special skills for
their execution and likely to endanger their health and life, that of
other workers or of any other person shall undergo appropriate
periodic medical examinations, with additional examinations, if
The examinations provided in this chapter shall be carried out at the
discretion and expense of the employer. No worker shall be exempt
from such studies.

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