Dining facilities

When workers are usually required to take their meals on the premises
of the establishment, in particular, because of the unique conditions
resulting from their working hours or the distance of their homes from
their workplaces, the employer is required to provide them with
refectories in the form of special premises completely separate from
the workplaces.
The refectories shall be kept in a perfect state of cleanliness by the
employer and the layout must meet satisfactory standards of comfort
and hygiene.
They shall also be equipped with appropriate furnishings and facilities
for storing and heating food.
Where the employer, the terms of such provision, provides meals
shall be between the employer and the workers concerned within the
the framework of the internal rules and regulations in force.
It is forbidden to allow workers to take their meals on the premises
assigned for the work.
However, an exemption may be granted by the Labor Inspector or,
failing that Inspector of Labor and Social Security under the following
a) that the operations carried out by the establishment do not involve
the use of toxic substances and do not give rise to any release of
unhealthy, unhealthy, or toxic gases;
b) that the hygiene conditions are satisfactory.

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