All advertising in any form whatsoever, accessible via an online service, must clearly identify as such:

  • The said advertising;
  • The natural or legal person on whose behalf the advertising is made;
  • For promotional offers, such as discounts, premiums or gifts, promotional competitions or games, the conditions for participation must be easily accessible and presented in a precise and unequivocal manner.

The provisions of the paragraph above apply without prejudice to the provisions governing misleading advertising.

Unsolicited advertising by an electronic mail service provider must be clearly and unequivocally identified on receipt by the recipient.

Direct marketing by means of an automatic calling machine, fax machine, or electronic mail using, in any form whatsoever, the details of natural or legal form whatsoever, the contact details of a natural or legal person who has not consented to receive direct marketing by this means. by this means.

Direct marketing is the sending of any message, directly or indirectly, about goods, services or the image of a person selling goods or the image of a person selling goods or providing services.

Members of the regulated professions are authorised to use advertising in the course of their activities, subject to compliance with professional rules concerning, in particular, the independence, dignity and honour of the professional secrecy and loyalty to clients and other members of the profession.

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