The creditor may request the insertion of the executory formula on the ruling where no opposition is filed within fifteen days from notification of the mandatory injunction to pay or, where the debtor withdraws his opposition. The effect of such insertion shall be that of a decision taken after an adversary hearing and shall not be liable to appeal.

The application to insert the executory formula shall be made at the registry in a simple written or verbal declaration.

The decision shall be null and void where the creditor’s application was not presented within two months following the expiry of the time limit for the opposition or its withdrawal by the debtor.

The certified true copies of the documents produced by the creditor and provisionally preserved at the registry shall be returned on his application from the time of the opposition or when the executory formula is inserted in the decision.

There shall be kept at the registry of each court a register, numbered and initialled by the President of the court, in which shall be entered the full names, professions and residences of creditors and debtors, the date of the mandatory injunction to pay or of refusal to grant the injunction, the amount and cause of the debt, the date of issuance of the copy, the date of the opposition, where it is filed, the date on which the parties were convened and the ruling made thereon.

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