Just like the employee, the employer also has a number of duties to fulfil towards the employee in Cameroon. The duties of the employer are as follows;

  • The duty to procure work for the worker:  It is the duty of the employer to procure for the worker the type of work provided for under the contract of employment. The job must correspond with the professional qualification for which the worker was recruited. This is to ensure that if the employer were to give the worker functions greater of lower than his qualification, refusal by the worker under such circumstances will not amount to gross misconduct entitling the employer to terminate the contract for breach.
  • Duty to remunerate the worker: The employer has as one of the main obligations to pay the worker the agreed wages for work done. As per the labour code, once the worker is ready and willing to work, he is entitled to his wages whether or not he actually works.
  • Duty to indemnify the employee: The employer is vicariously liable for injury caused on the employee by virtue of work done in the interest of the employer. If the employee’s action is ultra vires, the employer will only indemnify if the employee believed in his action that he was acting for the interest of the employer.
  • Duty to issue certificates on expiry of contract: This duty is absolute in the sense that it does not matter the reason for which the contract of employment was terminated. The employer is to serve to the worker at the time of his departure a certificate stating the dates of his arrival and departure and the type and dates of the various offices/positions he held.
  • Duty not to discriminate: Employers are under a duty not to discriminate against potential or existing employees on the grounds of sex, colour, race, nationality, religion, marital status etc.
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