All pharmacists owe each other aid and assistance in the performance of their duties. They must, in all circumstances, show loyalty and solidarity with each other.
Any contract between pharmacists must be sincere and fair. The obligations arising therefrom must be performed in a broad spirit of brotherhood.
Any proposed contract of association between pharmacists must be submitted for approval to the Council of the Order, which shall ensure that the rules of pharmaceutical ethics are respected, and in particular that the dignity and independence of the pharmacist are safeguarded.
The provisions of the contract come into force only after approval by the Minister in charge of Public Health.
The pharmacist must refrain from inciting the collaborators of a colleague to leave the latter. Before taking into his service the former collaborator of a colleague in the close vicinity, or of a direct
or of a direct competitor, he must inform the latter. Any dispute on this subject must be submitted to the Council of the Order.
Any unjustified denunciation or denunciation made with the intention of harming a colleague may result in disciplinary action. Any word or act that may cause material or moral prejudice to a colleague from a professional point of view is punishable.
Pharmacists who have a professional dispute between them must attempt to reconcile. If they are unable to do so, they must contact the Council of the Order.

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