According to law n° 84/009 of 5 December 1984 as supplemented by decree N° 94/530/PM of 25 October 1994, the authorization to private practice is granted by order of the Minister in charge of public health upon the submission of a file containing the following documents;

a) an application stamped at the current rate specifying the surname, first name, nationality, and residence of the applicant, the locality, and the site applied for;
b) a certificate of nationality dated within three (3) months;
c) a certified copy of the birth certificate dated less than three (3)
months old;
d) a certified copy of the required technical diploma dated within three (3) months;
e) a certificate of presentation of the original of the required technical diploma(s) required;
f) an extract from the criminal record not more than three (3) months old;
(g) if applicable, work certificates attesting that the applicant has at least five (5) years of professional experience;
h) a certificate of registration with the Order of Medical and Health Professionals;
(i) a certificate of payment of all the fees due to the Order of Medical and Health Professionals of Cameroon.

No one may be authorized to practice in private practice, as a technical manager, in particular of a care or exploration practice or a delivery clinic, unless he/she can prove, in addition to the conditions provided for by law, at least five (5) years of effective practice as a nurse, midwife or medical-sanitary technician.
The authorization referred to in article 2 above is granted for the creation of a health-training course and for practicing within the framework of an existing training course.
It is personal and valid only for one health training course. It must,
on pain of absolute nullity, conform with the health map.

Any change of professional residency shall be subject to a transfer authorization by the provisions of article 2.

However, the medical and health professional authorized to practice in private practice within the framework of a training course belonging to a religious or philanthropic organization with several health training courses may be assigned from one establishment to another without being obliged to request a new authorization to practice.
The College and the Ministry of Public Health shall be notified of this assignment.

Medical and health professionals of foreign nationality, who are nationals of a country bound to Cameroon by reciprocity agreements, may be authorized to practice under the same conditions as Cameroonian nationals.

Medical and health personnel qualified in the options referred in 2 below may only practice in private practice as part of a team in a clinic, group practice, or pharmacy.

The provision above applies to medical-health technicians working in the following options:

  1. Anesthesiology
  2. Ophthalmology
  3. Orthotic
  4. Medical analyses
  5. Pharmaceutical techniques

All other options whose acts are technically inseparable from those of other health professionals

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