An employer can engage a disciplinary measure to sanction a worker for a fault caused by the later. Suspension is a merciful substitute for dismissal. The subordination relation existing between the parties in favour of the employer gives the later power to take certain disciplinary measures against the worker. Whatever the reason for the disciplinary suspension may be, the employer has no right to impose a fine as part of a disciplinary suspension in line with section 30 of the Cameroon labour code of 1992.

A disciplinary suspension imposed by an employer must fulfil two prerequisite conditions;

  • It shall be for a maximum period of 8 clear days from the time of the imposition of the penalty, and
  • The worker shall be notified in writing of the suspension and the reason thereof. A copy of the notice of suspension shall be sent to the competent labour inspector within 48 hours.

If it so happens that the reasons stated for the suspension are unfounded, the worker against whom it was pronounced is entitled to his lost wages as well as general damages if in addition to his lost wages he can prove that he suffered any other injury by reason of the suspension.

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