According to decree No. 2007/255/PM of 4 September 2007 fixing the modalities for the application of Law No. 97/012 of 10th January 1997 relative to conditions of entry, stay and exit of foreigners in Cameroon, there are three categories of foreigners to wit;

  • Temporary Visitors
  • Foreigners in stay
  • Foreign residents.

Temporary Visitors

Apart from foreigners in transit, the following are included in the category of temporary visitors;

  • Private visitors
  • Tourists
  • Persons on mission
  • Businessmen
  • Promoters
  • Invitees or participants of a manifestation organized on the national territory
  • The renters
  • Pensioners
  • Medical evacuees

Foreigners in Stay

Foreigners in stay consist of the following persons;

  • Contract workers
  • Independent workers
  • Long-term trainee
  • Students
  • Family members of foreigners staying in Cameroon
  • Refugees.

Foreign Residents

They include the following persons;

  • Persons listed in article 13 of the law as contractual workers who have regularly resided in Cameroon for a period of at least six consecutive years.
  • The spouse of a Cameroonian national, subject to article 21 of the law, that is, the transit visa with multiple entries and exits.
  • Members of duly recognized religious congregations.
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