According to Law No. 90/34 of 10 August 1990 on the practice of the profession of dental surgeon in Cameroon, no person may practice the profession of dental surgeon unless he is registered with the
the roll of the Order.
However, a dental surgeon of foreign nationality who meets the following conditions may practice the profession of dental surgeon in Cameroon.

– he has not been struck off the roll of the Order in his country of origin or any other country where he
has previously practiced;
– be recruited on contract or under a cooperation agreement for the exclusive account of the
serve on behalf of an approved private company.

The performance of professional acts of an administrative and judicial nature, and the drawing up and issuing of documents relating thereto, shall be carried out by the dental surgeon, either in the normal exercise of his functions or in execution of a special assignment with which he is charged. In this respect, he shall be bound to comply with any requisition, which may be issued to him.

The dental surgeon in service in the Administration or in the private sector is subject to:

– Professional secrecy;

– The code of ethics of the profession adopted by the National Order of Dental Surgeons and approved by the supervisory authority

– The statutory provisions of the Order.

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