Parcels of lands provided with the necessary infrastructures shall be allocated in accordance with Decree No. 81/185 of 4th May 1981 which regulates the conditions for allocating plots of special layouts in Cameroon. The following conditions have to be fulfilled in order to have an opportunity to acquire a plot equipped with a layout for low-cost housing;

  • Persons who do not possess real property in the town where the layout is situated on the date of acquisition of the plot.
  • Persons who undertake to develop the land within a maximum period of three years and in compliance with the special conditions of the layouts.
  • Persons who undertake to occupy personally the housing unit thus constructed for a minimum period of five years.
  • Persons who have a monthly income either below or equal to the maximum amount fixed by regulation in force and carrying the right to a social loan from the Housing Loans Fund.

Applications for the granting of plots of land shall comprise the following documents;

  • A stamped application.
  • A certified true copy of the national identity card.
  • Documentary evidence of the personality of the housing unit for a minimum period of five years.
  • A certified statement on the honor of the applicant under pain of forfeiture that he does not possess any real property within the locality where the layout is situated.
  • A receipt showing payment to the Urban and Rural Lands Development and Equipment Authority of an advance etc.
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