It is prohibited for any person to engage in acts that may cause or
promote abortion, namely:

  • To expose, offer, sell, put on sale, make sell, distribute, make
    distribute in any way whatsoever, the remedies and substances, intra –
    urinary catheters and other similar objects;
  • To hold speeches in public places or meetings;
  • Sell, offer for sale, offer, even by non-public means, expose, display,
    distribute on the public highway or in public places, distribute at home,
    hand over in a band or in a closed or unsealed envelope, to the post
    office or to any other agent for the distribution or transportation of
    books, writings, printed matter, advertisements, posters, drawings,
    pictures or emblems;
  • Advertise medical or so-called medical practices.

Are reserved for Sale:
By pharmacists on medical prescription;

(a) Simple or compound preparations based on Sabine, rue, white
phosphorus, rye slang, post hypophysis, or lead salt;
(b) Simple or compounded preparations based on estrogen hormones.
(c) By pharmacists or dealers in medical-surgical equipment and
manufacturers of gynecological devices upon prescription or written
the request of the physician for professional use:

  • Brawn intrauterine syringes;
  • Rigid or non-rigid probes and cannulas with a length of more than 18
  • Membrane piercers;
  • Heggar’s candles;
  • Medicated vaginal tampons;
  • Obturators;
    Pharmacists, dealers in medical-surgical equipment, and manufacturers
    of gynecological devices, upon written request, and for professional use
    only to practitioners licensed to practice medicine:
    Speculums other than those intended for otolaryngology,
    hydrometers, laminaria, uterine pencils and candles, uterine cotton
    The written applications and prescriptions concerning the substances,
    products and articles referred to above must be kept for three years by
    the pharmacists and traders who will have carried them out and kept at
    the disposal of the inspecting pharmacists.
    Any violation of the provisions above is punishable by a prison sentence
    of three months to two years and a fine of 150,000 F to 1,500,000 F or
    one of these two penalties only.
    The court must also order the confiscation of the remedies, substances,
    instruments and objects seized.
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