According to Article 270 of the revised OHADA Law of 2014, the general partnership is a company in which all partners are merchants and are indefinitely, jointly, and severally liable for the company’s debts.

The annual general meeting of the general partnership shall be held annually, within six (6) months of the close of the fiscal year, a general annual meeting during which the management report, the inventory, and the summary financial statements prepared by managers shall be submitted for approval to the meeting of the partners.

To this end, documents referred to in the preceding paragraph, the proposed draft resolutions as well as, where appropriate, the report of the auditors, shall be sent to partners at least fifteen (15) days before the meeting. Any decision taken in violation of the provisions of this paragraph may be reversed.

The annual general meeting may validly be held only if a majority of partners representing half of the stated capital are present. Any decision taken in violation of this paragraph shall be null.
The general meeting shall be chaired by the member representing himself or as a proxy who holds the greatest number of partnership interests.

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