Agents in football can work under the umbrella of an already established agency or run a private business like a sole proprietorship. Agents play a role, which is more than just the negotiation of player contracts. Their first role is to recruit players after which they can represent the recruited player at any level. The methods of player recruitment by sports agents in football are as follows;

  • Identifying Prospective Athletes: This is one of the main recruitment tasks an agent undertakes to keep his business working. However, the ability to keep very talented professional players can be very tough as they are usually sought after by top football agencies. It can be relatively easier for agents to secure talented players under the semi-pro category in view of them having a bright future in the football industry
  • Social Media: One of the mediums through which an agent can form a decision to recruit a player is the social media platform. This is because the social media involvement of a potential client can determine if the player is responsible and of good conduct, hence giving a positive impression of a stable long-term career.
  • Player Intel: Agents usually work with area scouts who have been ranking athletes from young ages. The judgment of area scouts is quite reliable as they often possess a history of potential successful athletes.
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