The organization of the practice of physical and sports activities with a social, educational or cultural aim shall be reserved for groups constituted in the form of sports associations or sports societies and other structures provided for by the present law.

Specific federations or associations may be formed in accordance with the provisions of this law for the practice and promotion of physical and sports activities.


Every sports club is subject to the control of the league and the national sports federation to which it is affiliated.

It fulfils a mission of education and training of the individual by developing sports programs. It is a single sport, except for sports clubs affiliated with a school or university sports federation.

Sports clubs are classified into two categories:

  • Amateur sports clubs
  • Professional sports clubs.

1.      Amateur sports club:

An amateur sports club carries out sports activities for non-profit purposes. It adopts a model statute determining its organization and the conditions for the appointment of its members and governing bodies.

2.      Professional sports club:

The professional sports club employs sportsmen and women in return for agreed remuneration.
For the management of its activities, the professional sports club shall take one of the following legal forms:

  • semi-public company
  • limited liability company
  • public limited company

The operation of amateur and professional sports clubs is subject to the approval of the minister in charge of sports, under the conditions and modalities set by regulations.


The sports league shall be governed by the provisions of this law, its statutes and those of the sports federation of which it is an offshoot.

It shall ensure the coordination of the sports clubs and the regularly constituted leagues affiliated to it, as well as of the professional bodies related to the practice of sport.

It carries out its tasks under the supervision and control of the relevant national civil sports federation.

Depending on the nature of its activities, the sports league may be unisport, omnisport or specialised.


Sports federations are governed by the provisions of this law, their statutes and regulations, as well as those of the international sports bodies to which they are affiliated. They may be civil, military, school, university or concerned sports for the disabled.

Civil sports federations may be created around one or more sports disciplines. Their operation is subject to the prior approval of the minister responsible for sports.

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