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This blog deals with aspects of a will, a personal representative, administration of estates of the deceased, and property-related matters linked to marriage or between couples. The purpose of this blog is to enlighten clients on several aspects touching on a will, administration of estates, a personal representative, and property-related matters between couples relating to succession.

Disputes on the administration of estates, property-related matters between members of the family, and the responsibility of personal representatives are quite common before courts of records in Cameroon specifically in the English-speaking regions.

The laws upon which the articles in this blog are based are as follows;

  • The Southern Cameroon High Court Law 1955
  • The Administration of Estates Act 1925
  • The Married Women’s Property Act 1882
  • The Civil Status Registration Ordinance 1981 etc.

The administration of the estate of the deceased especially in cases in which the deceased died without executing a valid will can be very challenging for families, personal representatives, trustees, debtors, creditors, advocates, and even the courts.

The articles in this blog have covered a wide spectrum of issues that can arise in the administration of estates in Cameroon.

We think that an informed client is a less stressful client for advocates.


On the death of a person intestate as to any real or personal estate, that estate shall be held in trust by his representatives with

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