Sports Matters Blogs

The sports law matters blog is aimed are providing an overview of the different legal aspects touching on the sports industry.

The sports industry is quite complex and as a result, the legal issues which arise are quite numerous as it spans from the rights and obligations of players, athletes, clubs, academies, finance movements and proprietary rights.

This blog has as its objective to provide an overview for interested investors in the sports industry in Cameroon of what they should be looking at dealing with in the sports business in Cameroon as against the rest of the world.

The protection of the rights of players in clubs, associations and academies is at the top of the agenda for FIFA and must be taken seriously by investors in the football business in Cameroon. Failure will attract serious sanctions on the investor and funds will be lost in the process.

Though the sports business is much known in Cameroon, the legal awareness about the industry is not well known among the stakeholders in the industry.

We have therefore created articles on the key aspects of the soccer sports industry as applicable to clubs, players, sponsors, and other practitioners in the industry in line with the regulation in force.

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