Occupational Health and Safety Blogs

This blog is aimed at providing a complete scope of occupational health
and safety laws as applicable in Cameroon by virtue of Order No.
039/MTPS/IMT of 26 November 1984 fixing the general measures for
hygiene and security in the workplace.
This blog is aimed at providing the necessary knowledge for employers
and investors desirous of engaging into factory and industrial oriented
projects in Cameroon, of the standards to be expected in such
investment vis a vis the protection and hygiene of workers.
With the increase in worker engagement in the rise of industrial and
factory investments in Cameroon, notably in the major cities, it is
imperative that workers also know the rules expected per operation as
regards their protection in the workplace.
Hence, both the employer and employee have obligations to be fulfilled
in the course of providing services in Cameroon as will be elaborated in
the articles set out under this blog.


Every worker is required to comply strictly with the legal and regulatoryprovisions relating to health and safety in the workplace and with theinstructions of the

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