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It is no surprise at the plethora of land matters before the various courts in Cameroon. Land matters have become so predominant in recent years in Cameroon to such an extent even customary courts and authorities attempt to settle these matters amicably.

Sellers, buyers, middlemen, state authorities, traditional authorities, trustees, administrators of estates, personal representatives of families, the family head, husbands, wives, children, relatives, bailiffs and Notaries have all had a role to play in the predominance of land matters in Cameroon.

The fundamental question is; why have land matters become so predominant in Cameroon?

While the articles under this blog are aimed at enabling stakeholders to have a full appraisal of the various aspects of land law in Cameroon, we shall attempt to provide a comprehensive response to the why question below;

  1. Lack of proper due diligence being conducted by the interested parties to a land transaction.
  2. Lack of due diligence being conducted by notaries.
  3. Lack of professionalism on the part of public notaries.
  4. Bad faith on the sellers and buyers in certain circumstances.
  5. Family Misunderstanding.
  6. Intestate problems
  7. Greed
  8. Abuse of Power
  9. Impatience exerted by buyers and sellers on middlemen and notaries
  10. Intimidating methods used by buyers, middlemen and sellers on Notaries in a bid to reduce their payment rate
  11. Manipulation by middlemen
  12. Misrepresentation of facts
  13. Misrepresentation of persons etc.

While the reasons are in exhaustive, we are of the opinion that a proper understanding of the different aspects of land law transactions in Cameroon as governed by the 1974 Ordinance as amended and supplemented, is the first step to take in the right direction for the following reasons;

  1. It will guide interested buyers on the procedure to engage per the type of transaction in question.
  2. It will guide notaries on the manner in which particular transactions have to be executed.
  3. It will guide third parties on actions open to them in regards to the different types of land transactions in Cameroon.
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