Health Law Blogs

The health law blog is aimed at providing an overview of the different legal aspects touching on the health sector in Cameroon.
The health industry is one of the key industries in Cameroon as it plays a direct role in the lives of the citizens of Cameroon.
Hence, having a mastery of the legal aspects touching on the practice of the various practitioners in this industry are very necessary for investors, citizens, advocates and even health professionals.
In this blog, the articles touch on the profession of the physician, the
dentist, the optician, the nurse, the midwife, the lab technician, the
pharmacist and the teacher.
The protection of medical practitioners vis a vis their colleagues and also, the protection of patients vis a vis medical practitioners are equally
covered in this blog.
It is worthy of note that all the articles in this blog are written in line
with the regulation in force in Cameroon.

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