Employment and Labour Matters Blogs

With the plethora of labour disputes in Cameroon, it has become imperative for concerned parties especially any intending or existing employer and employee. The human capital sector of a company or enterprise is one of the principal sectors, which guarantee the existence, and survival of a business venture. Hence a more efficient human capital team, a more successful organization and company. However, can this be achieved without full knowledge in the labour and employment related regulation currently in force in Cameroon? The answer is in the negative.

Employers have sometimes neglected the importance of managing employees and only get to know the importance of mastery in labour related matters when consulting a legal practitioner for court representation. Needless to emphasize how much money employers loose in labour matters in Cameroon.

As regards employees, they engage certain actions in the course of their employment without knowing the implications of dismissal and its consequences on the financial life of the worker.

We have therefore decided to provide this blog in a bid to contribute in a better and conscious working environment in which both the employer and employee will limit their excesses, which are contrary to the expected result in an enhanced working environment.


Where instead of dismissing a worker, an employer adopts a course of conduct calculated to constrain the worker to submit his resignation, this will amount

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