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The corporate practice blog is a compendium of all aspects of legal and corporate practice provisions touching on the existence and operations of partnership business, private company business and public company business.

This blog is aimed at providing answers to legal and corporate practice oriented inquiries as will be required by clients, investors, students, corporate experts, notaries and advocates in Cameroon.

The registration and operation of different categories of business and corporate entities in Cameroon as captioned by the revised OHADA Law of 2014 are quite complex and mistakes are usually made by investors and practitioners due to lack complete knowledge in the particular subject matter.

In this blog, you will find provisions touching on registration of corporate entities, responsibilities of auditors, management and members, aspects of voting rights of members of registered companies and their proxy, liquidation and dissolution of corporate entities, conditions for engaging in public offering for shares, categories and combination of securities etc.

Worthy of note to clients who peruse this blog is the fact that the need for the services of professionals such as Notaries, Advocates, audit firms and corporate law firms is key to successful company registration and operations in the Cameroon business environment as they are up to date with changes taking place in the legal sphere of corporate matters in Cameroon.


According to article 269-1 of the OHADA Law of 2014, The articles of association of public limited companies that do not make public offerings and

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