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The contract law blog is aimed at educating clients, investors, businessmen, companies, corporations, individuals, organizations, traders and even advocates of the various aspects of a contract which span from the time an offer and acceptance is engaged, through the aspects of the consideration, terms of contract, interpretation of  contract  and the problems which may arise from a contractual relationship.

Contractual engagements can be quite complex in nature and their disputes are quite popular before the courts of law in Cameroon.

The spirit behind the blogs and their applicability in Cameroon are backed by the common law principles of contract law which has its origin from the United Kingdom by virtue of the Southern Cameroons High Court Law of 1955.

Worthy of note is the fact that when parties to a contract are properly aware of their positions vis a vis their rights and obligations, they will be properly guided on the steps to engage in view to enforce their respective positions especially in the event of a dispute.

We have therefore provided the respective blogs to inform clients on the aspects of a contractual relationships and the possible solutions they may have at their disposal to resolve disputes.


An agreement may possess all the requisite elements of a valid contract, such as offer and acceptance and consideration, but be unenforceable because it is

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Since contracts can be binding if the parties voluntarily consent to it, it is obvious that where one party is forced to consent by threats

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