Banking and Finance Blogs

The banking and finance practice blog is aimed at providing all aspects touching on the activities of banks, microfinance and credit institutions, financial institutions and payment service companies in Cameroon.

This material provided by the blog will be based on instructions, circulars and regulations as established by the Ministry of Finance in Cameroon, the Bank of Central African States, the Central African Banking Commission and the National Credit Council.

Finance practice in Cameroon is quite diverse and detailed, and the plethora of instructions, regulations and circulars from the regulatory bodies involved is illustrative of this fact.

With the continuous interest of businessmen and clients wishing to invest in this sector in Cameroon, it is important to understand the structure under which a financial institution or company can be created.

With the increase in terrorism and capital flight in the world today, the finance sector of Cameroon is very much regulated in terms of the institution, shareholders, operations, source of income, directors, audit, and clientele.

The aspect of transparency cannot be over-emphasized as the best practice for banks, microfinance institutions, payment services and finance companies dwell on transparency.

The various write-ups under this blog will cover aspects touching on;

  • Banking law
  • Microfinance law
  • Credit institutions
  • Payment service companies, and
  • Financial institutions in general

Under the umbrella of MINFI, COBAC, BEAC and the National Credit Council in Cameroon.


Reporting institutions must set up a compliance monitoring system. This system is responsible for monitoring the risk of non-compliance. The organization of the compliance system

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Risk management involves all staff and units responsible for measuring, controlling and monitoring risks. It is carried out under the authority of the executive body

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Reporting institutions must set up a second-level control or internal audit system. The organization of the internal audit function must make it possible to verify,

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