Alexis is an audit, finance and tax consultant of the firm. He holds a Masters in Accounting and Finance from the Catholic University of Central Africa Cameroon (UCAC) Yaoundé. This has earned him specialty knowledge in Finance Management with focus on ratios, equity management, debt management, portfolio management, dividend distribution, capital raising, hedging, fluctuation of foreign currencies, and Finance forecast with focus on future outcomes of companies and projects, corporate valuations, revenue forecast, cost, capital and cash flow.

In the domain of Audit, Alexis is very skilled in leading a proper inspection of company accounts and company records. This entails the inspection of company books, accounts, statutory records, documents and vouchers.

In the domain of Tax, Alexis brings to companies and organisations the capacity to prepare adequate yearly and monthly tax declarations, ensure compliance with yearly and monthly tax filings, as well as provide advisory services on personal income tax and corporate tax.

His wide range of expertise was built on a lot of professional experience he gained over the years as an Accountant with the Catholic Communication Service Buea, a Finance analyst for SKY LIMIT GROUPE SARL Douala, an Accounting Software developer at Kilimanjaro systems Buea, an Audit Assistant in ABEGE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS firm in Bamenda.

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