ADE Kingsley CHO


ADE Kingsley CHO

Kingsley is a consultant in the Accountancy, Banking and Marketing Management department of the firm. He holds a Master’s Degree in Micro-Finance and Cooperative Management, a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance as well as a Bsc in Economic and Applied Management Sciences.

Mr. Kingsley has a wide experience in marketing and management of accounts in a plethora of financial institutions to wit; FERUC Fund for the finance of rural and urban businesses in Cameroon, LA FINAL Douala Micro-Finance, and Banque Atlantique Cameroon, as well as other establishments like Center for Human Rights and Democracy for Africa, City Beach Hotel Bamenda etc. this has earned him the office of the Accounts Manager and Assistant Branch Manager of Banque Atlantique Cameroon Buea.

He also has a great mastery by virtue of his academic and professional experience in Financial Engineering, Monitoring and Evaluation, Commercial Marketing and Financial Techniques for Financial Institutions, Commercial Negotiation, sales techniques for Banks and Micro-Finance products, Customer service management techniques, Book Keeping, Quantitative and Management techniques etc.

He also has a good mastery of the English and French language.

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