Classification societies in Cameroon form part of the maritime industry of Cameroon. As such, there are rules and procedures to register a classification society in Cameroon in accordance with The CEMAC Merchant Shipping Community Code of 3rd august 2001 as amended on 22nd August 2012. Where classification societies are registered in Cameroon is a responsibility of a plethora of regulatory bodies in the maritime sector of the country. These bodies determine the procedure to register a classification society in Cameroon.

A classification society in Cameroon is an essential link in the overall safety chain of the marine and offshore industry. A classification society in Cameroon is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore structures in Cameroon.


There are five classification societies in Cameroon to wit;

  1. Lloyd Register
  2. American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  3. Bureau Veritas (BV)
  4. Integrated Register Survey (IRS)
  5. Deloitte.

A classification society in Cameroon issues a classification certificate which is recognized by the proposed ship register and is also a requirement for ship registration, marine insurance on a ship and an entry requirement into some ports and waterways in Cameroon. It can also be of interest to charterers and potential ship buyers.

Classification societies in Cameroon also issue international load line certificates in accordance with the legislation of participating states giving effect to the international convention on load-lines.


Classification societies also set technical rules based on experience and research, confirm that designs and calculations meet these rules, survey ships and structures during the process of construction and commissioning and periodically survey vessels to ensure that they continue to meet the rules.

In Cameroon, classification societies are also responsible for classing oil platforms, other offshore structures and submarines. This survey process covers diesel engines, important shipboard pumps and other vital machinery.

To avoid liability, classification societies explicitly disclaim responsibility for the safety, fitness for purpose or seaworthiness of the ship, but is a verification only that the vessel is in compliance with the classification standards of the society hence the issuance of a classification certificate.


The procedure for registering a classification society in Cameroon is accomplished by a corporate attorney through certain steps as will be illustrated below;

  • Register a company in Cameroon,
  • Set up a company head office or a representative office in the case of an already existing mother company,
  • Fulfil the procedure for inspection by the competent authorities of the maritime industry in Cameroon,
  • Fulfil the obligation for inspection of the maritime industry representatives of the mother company head office in view to assess the scope of operations and technical standard of the mother company, etc.

After fulfilment of the above-mentioned steps, the classification society can begin operations in Cameroon.

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