The operating committee is responsible for the supervision of petroleum operations. The state and contractor shall each appoint one full member and one substitute member to the operating committee. The substitute member may not vote except in the absence of the full member. Within Forty-Five days of the effective date, the state and the contractor shall each notify to the other party the name of its full member and the substitute member it has appointed to the operating committee. Any party’s full member or substitute member may be replaced by said party after haven notified the other party accordingly. Each party may bring to the operating committee meetings advisors or experts whose presence it considers desirable and which in any event shall be limited to five, unless the parties agree before hand on another number. Each full member or in the absence of a full member, its substitute member shall be deemed duly authorized to represent and to bind the party appointing him on any subject which is within the jurisdiction of the operating committee.

Each entity comprising the contractor may send an observer who shall not have voting rights to the meetings of the operating committee.

Each party shall have one vote in their meeting. They may not validly deliberate unless each of the parties is represented by a full member or by its substitute member. In the event that a member representing each party is not present at the time of a meeting of the operating committee, the meeting shall be postponed to a date set within the next eight days. The representative who was present must notify the parties of the new meeting date as well as the time and place where it will be held.

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