Every registered natural person shall within one month of cessation of his commercial activity apply for removal from the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register. Striking off the register as per the ohada law operates where in the event of death of the registered natural person, his rightful claimant must within the prescribed period of 3 months from the date of death as the rightful claimant of the registration in the register apply for the removal from the register the commercial activity or apply for its modification where they themselves have to continue to operate the business.

Failure to file the application within the prescribed time, the competent court registry shall strike off the business following a decision of the competent court before which the matter is brought at the request of the registry or of any party concerned.

The dissolution of a corporate body for any reason whatsoever shall be declared so that it should be entered in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register within a period of one month at the registry of the competent court where the corporate body is registered. This is done at the request of the liquidator within one month of the closure of liquidation operations.

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