Meetings in the life of a company usually touch on issues pertaining to the everyday activity of a company and when special circumstances so demand. Hence the existence of an extraordinary meeting and a special meeting.

According to the OHADA Law on Commercial Companies and Economic Interest Groups, an extraordinary general meeting is a meeting of members of an organization or shareholders of the company that occurs at an irregular time.

A special meeting is a meeting of a particular group of members such as shareholders of a given category.

An extraordinary general meeting is empowered to amend all the provision of the Articles of Association of the company. Extraordinary general meetings also authorize transactions like mergers, scissions, transformation and partial contributions of assets, winding up of the company prematurely or extend the duration of its life etc.

A special meeting shall approve or disapprove the decision of the general meeting where such decisions modify the rights of its members. The decision of the general meeting to modify the rights relating to a category of shares shall be final only after approval by the special meeting of shareholders of that category.

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