All ships arriving to Cameroon ports must communicate to the port authorities by any means the following information;

  1. The name of the vessel
  2. The name of the captain
  3. The flag
  4. The characteristics of the vessel
  5. The date and time of expected arrival
  6. The type of activity etc.

The ship captain has at least six hours from the time of expected arrival to confirm his arrival to the port authority and request for authorization of entry.

All vessels arriving or departing from the Cameroon port are obliged to produce documents in conformity with the London convention of the 9th of April 1965 which is aimed at facilitating international maritime traffic. These documents are aimed at;

1.      Providing a general declaration on the following information;

  • Name and description of vessel
  • Nationality of vessel
  • Name of captain
  • Name and address of ship agent
  • Description of cargo and identification of dangerous goods
  • Number of crew members etc.

2.      Declaration of the cargo with the following information;

On Arrival

  • The port of exit
  • The marks, numbers and nature of the parcels
  • The number of bills of lading
  • The ports in which the goods on board the vessel has to be offloaded etc.

On Departure

  • The port of destination
  • The marks, number and nature of parcels handled at the port in question as well as the number of their bill of lading etc.

3.      A list of crew members alongside the following information for each member;

  • Name and surname
  • Nationality
  • Function on board
  • Date and place of birth
  • Type and number of their identification details or professional card etc.

4.      A list of passengers containing the afore mentioned information excepting professional information.

5.      A declaration of the provisions on board the vessel etc.

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