The transport industry in Cameroon is a very lucrative and competitive one. With an economy trying to expand and the numerous efforts put by the government of Cameroon to attract investors, the transport sector cannot be left behind. The transport and logistics sector are considered as the moving train of the economy as personnel, goods and services are made available for the smooth functioning and operation of the economy.

The reality of the transport industry in Cameroon is the fact that land freight services are still limited. As such there is need for more investors to boost the sector.

The greatest challenge most industrialists raise is that there is lack of efficiency as most of the vehicles used as haulers are poorly maintained and are of an ageing state. This has led to the growth of “own account transport” for industrialists who are of the opinion that they are sure of efficient transportation and delivery of their goods if they are responsible for their logistics. This can be seen in the case of Dangote Cement industry which imported over 200 trailers to supply thousands of bags of cement throughout the Cameroon territory.
At Kima and Partners, we guide investors wishing to do business in this industry.

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